O Starbucks! Why art thou sooooo near?

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School,Comedy, & Resturant plans for Japan

Being 19, I know is suppose to be young, but I actually am feeling old, but I have been noticing that most of the EGL’s are 19 at the moment, well at least the ones I’ve talked to, so I think this is just a coincidence even though my brother claims that it means something more.

My biorhythms I think are very off due to the time change, I was 20 minutes late to my endocrinology class this morning!!! Like seriously I need to get my act together, and I haven’t started studying for my cell physiology test, or planned writing my 30 page Ancient life paper, then I skipped class yesterday because I was exasperatedly tired, missing Animal behavior & Evolution, Ecology, Biodiversity. GRRRR, now I don’t know what I made on that test, I need to go see my professor. Also…..my novel, I haven’t had time to work on it, because I have been dealing so much with school and working out and I need to drop the 30 pounds I gained during Ramadan, lol , ironic yes I kno.

At the moment im purchasing tickets for Gabriel Iglesias, he’s coming to UTA, I recall him being really funny when I saw him on Jay Leno, so why shouldn’t I go see him, I need a good laugh anyways.

So I plan on diamond dining hopping when I go to Tokyo and Ginza, because theme eating is just way to cool, such as Princess Heart Restaurant, the food is so freakin cheap and the atmosphere is so Lolita, my bro and cousin think we will be going in Lolita and Dandy attire….Then theres the vampire café… I 'am trying to figure out how were going to fit this all into nine days, like I’m probably going to get fat from over eating, and I have to brush up on my Hiragana since most of the menus are not in English.  Also the Wizard of the Opera Resturant, Then there’s the restaurant Candy, (another site also)  and look at the dessert prices!!! Like dude I’m not familiar with gourmet food being so cheap. Then there’s the Blue Lounge it so pretty…im wondering if America’s hobby for eating is starting to brush off on me, because I plan on eating at every restaurant I go to lol, yes I know some ppl go to Japan for the culture and history, I go for the contemporary atmosphere and snazzy upbeat lifestyle and of course the Lolita stores.

So X-Japan with Yoshikiis supposed to reuniting, like im happy and then im also a bit hesitant to the idea. That’s sort of like Malice Mizer reuniting or Blink 182, they left behind good memories I don’t want them coming back and shattering my recollections about them with something retarded. So im wondering WTH is up with S.K.I.N if Miyavi is on tour, and Yoshiki is reuniting with his old band, what time is there for S.K.I.N? There been nothing in the media whatsoever about the making of an album or upcoming performances, nada, leaving all their avid friends in the dark, that’s just inconsiderate and wrong.  OMG the fire alarm just went off, so this is the end of my entry!!! I wondering if there’s actually a fire!!!

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Things that cross my mind....


Update: I’ve finished my Ecology test today, I’am aiming for a perfect score.


For the past hours I have been trying to study for my cell physiology test but I’m getting sidetracked by looking at designer bags, I’m really craving a Juicy Couture purse in velveteen royal blue, like it’s so hot, but it’s only in Europe at the moment and it just crept it’s way into Asia. Sheesh America is always last it seems to get Fashion trends. As with the harry potter book Japan literally got it 2 days before the American release, but they were over charged, $40 bucks, like I only paid that for the fifth book, like the 7th book was only twenty dollars at Barnes and Noble.  


            Lets see, nothing really new , been listening to Miyavi’s new album Neovisualism like I totally love him…been listening to it over and over, like it came out like a few weeks ago! I cant wait to see him live again! Europe gets the best of him, he just finished up a tour in Europe along with Moi dix moix, like seriously will they never come to the states with a planned tour , and stop with the surprise concerts that are only one day and then poof their gone. I think I want a green tea frappachino, I shall walk downstairs to starbucks when in done with this entry. (Random, Yes I kno) Might I add, how many starbucks does one university needs? I mean UTA campus is somewhat extensive, but two starbucks is pushing it, and there’s a rumor that another franchise is going to be open in the new Maverick Activities Center (MAC) (MAC Opening ) which happens to be really nice, almost nicer than the chemistry and physics building. What they need to redo now is the library uggg its so stuck in a time warp like ugg and the new contemporary furniture in the computer lounges are ugly, I love cotemporary furniture, but whoever picked out these furniture pieces are oblivious to what modern furniture suppose to looks like, and the colors are too dull to actually have that vibrant swanky feel.

My friend is trying to get the Yacht club in her neighborhood for our upcoming party, which I was really into at first, but everybody is acting all shady and I cut the guest list down to 50 ppl. I don’t want it to be like last time, where everybody brought a friend and pushed the guest list up to around 170 ppl. Ugg it only for UTA students, I don’t want so anyone from UTD, TCU, TCC ect, im not mentioning names, but those ppl are so full of themselves. See what I did not know was that this exist, (Rental Party House) and it right by six flags, I rather have it here than the yacht club, unlike last time when we rented out a Simi-prefabricated  house. So I already ordered the par can lighting, im excited again, am I bipolar? (I want the room to look like this) The colors are Fuchsia and black (a bit more muture this time)  Last time colors were fuchsia, red, pink, violent. It was very  hot décor I shld find those pics and post then because even the table setting I did were very nice.  


I’m contemplating about doing neuroscience research next year, because I recently went and sat in on a lab, which happened to be in the basement of the old chemistry building. I had to go down somewhat narrow hallway with flickering lights and the sound of water dripping from some rusty old pipe, or maybe I imagined that, because the basement floor looked like something from out of a Saw movie. Like it was so gross, the rats they were using gave the laboratory a really bad smell, and the professor told me that they bite too! Like seriously I rather deal with monkeys in the Neurophysiology research lab, plus it takes place in the new building. The old building is very eerie and wld be scary to be leaving there at night, because research labs usually carry on into the late evening because 14 hrs every week is required which is impossible to do during the day when you taking 19 credit hours. Why am I not an Engineering? Sigh* it would be so much easier than premed, with a chem. Minor. I suppose im just testing myself because I know I can do it, why waste brain mass painting when I could be saving someone’s life. During my short years I have come across the most brilliant ppl in HS and college, but what did most of them do, become music majors. See I too was damn good at the violin after all the UIL and private lessons through elementary school and HS competition trips to Boston, NY, ST. Louis and ( Ireland) which remorsefully I did not attend because I graduated early from HS (because its was such a waste of time), college is so much more important than senior year. But back to what I was saying, These ppl I meet were brilliant philosophers, mathematicians that could have become bioengineers, Chemist anything!  I could totally imagine each of them competing for the Nobel Peace Prize, but what did they do, they become music majors, like WTH? Your either going to teach music or play in an orchestra for the rest of you lives, why would they limit themselves, plus how many music teachers does the world need, like I counted abt 100 ppl so far that I know are studying music majors and I’m being very literal and  the Philharmonic, Chamber, Symphony, Symphonic orchestra were jammed pack with music majors, I blame our director, she was the one nailing these thoughts into those kids heads when they all have the brains of an astrophysicist. . Imma going to stop my rant here, I really want a frappachiono, I’m heading down stairs now.

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i'm feeling very ill at the moment.

I haven’t like updated in four days, so here I am, I starting to feel really sick, im not sure if it’s the cold or what. I pretty much sat through cell physiology like a dunce, zoning out, thinking about how bad I was feeling. I’m pretty antsy that the semester is almost over, but it’s good and a bad thing. Closer to getting my degree and bad thing is getting older ah why couldent I stay 15 forever. lol atleast most ppl think I look 15. So im really don’t feel good, so this is going to be a short entry.

Oh ya! Dumbledore’s gay (Article), like seriously was this necessary in a children’s novel, even though I’ve been reading the books since I was in 5th grade, I would have liked to kept the prevailing idea that Dumbledore was invincible and he wasn’t a plain ole’ man with sexual needs. Lmao….maybe I shld have worded that better.

 By the way Dumbledore’s younger sister was raped, like it wasn’t directly written that way but Rowling used enough veiling evidence to pretty much state why their father killed the muggles that had harmed his sister and spent his last days in Azkaban. I’m so excited to read the Harry Potter encyclopedia when it’s published, it going to be like character gossip central.

 I still think Ginny shld have married Longbottom and not Potter, cuz I seriously thought of Ginny as his little sister. 
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Raining once again, pretty much what a Texas winter is like.

Ah so it’s raining again, rain can be fun at times, but today it’s not fun, two exams coming up on Wednesday, it’s really starting to worry me, I’m staying in the library until 2:00 am tonight trying to cram all that information in. Eid’s over, it could have been a lot better, but oh well what ya expect out of DFW. I’m a bit distraught about not working on my novel because there been so much going on and studying right now is at the top of my list. Im going to go study now, that’s pretty much what I had to say for today…..
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A very random entry...

Where has this year gone? I pretty much remember the rain, the boring summer semester with genetics and organic chemistry II and now this fall semester seems to be going by too fast, I just got done with my animal behavior mid-term , pssh I’ll be shocked if I get an A, but oh well I have two more test to pull it up with. But how is 2007 almost over, I thought it just got here, I was just starting to fill in the 2007 date on scantrons, getting use to being 19 and what now, here comes December and I’ll be bloody 20, wat I’m like closing in on being officially old.

            So we pretty much moved into this recent house a few  months ago or more like 6 months ago but it still feels really recent, I’m about to redesign my room, I’m going for the mature approach with a full ceiling canopy, I’m still using Fuchsia, but how about Fuchsia and black now that’s totally hot and swanky. I went to Ikea to buy some more stuff for my room, I love Ikea if I could marry Ikea I totally would. I need to buy more Lolita attire, my nice new closet is empty after I given most of my clothes to charity because I need to update my wardrobe for the upcoming 2008 fiasco. So this is how my room use to look. This is going to be the before photo.




I wonder how my new room is going to turn out because I have drawn out a sketch of what I would like it to look like. I want to put a sewing area in my room now because of what I saw at Ikea had because I want to make unique designs like flower embroidery on the Lolita dresses I buy, and yes I did get the idea from Kamikaze Girls. My cousin and I been figuring out what we want to wear as a ensemble together, this is what I pretty much have my heart set on, it’s so Parisian, a very Marie Antoinette guise and we might pair it with Venetian masks at night, I’m becoming more and more intrigued with pretty masks.

           The pink and  blue ensemble is very cute                        

I'm hoping S.K.I.N comes up with something soon, I went to long beach's Anime Expo just to see them, i am in love with them, just this time I want to be front row because all the water  and drum sticks throwing was excitingly mad. Moi dix Mois  concert is coming up and my dad says i cant go, which totally sucks, because i totally did not mind skipping classes just to see them and hang around Paris for a weekend. but nooo, my dad has to be logical and boring, geeze. So i'm just showing this pic from the hotel lobby in long beach because I love the contemporary furniture anything contemporary I’m up for it.

This is what i'm aiming for in my room to feel like with Ikea contemporary furniture only in Fuchsia and black.....ah thats enough of me ranting i'm going to go study 



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Mid-Terms...Anceint Life and Animal behavior, alot of information I have to study

I’m about to go find a corner in the library and start studying for animal behavior since I have a test tomorrow, but I have ancient life at 4:00…question is why am I on the computer, I think im addicted… same thing happened when I use to have a xanga (http://www.xanga.com/Yazmara17) but I don’t use it anymore lol. But reading old entries is like following a forgotten diary , I remember when xanga was so popular and than  suddenly everyone switched over to myspace and facebook, oh ya I do have a facebook too lol, which is pretty active, thats cuz most college students have facebook’s. So it seems im ranting again about the past and unnecessary things but im off the studying…….I really need to finish my new chapter in my novel but studying seems to be distracting my writing phase...god i hope i dont get writers block because i been putting it off for about a week now.

Um i want this purse for my white ensemble below but it's costs as much as my coach bag....
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It's only Tuesday.....

I just got my new dress from Momo's Yay! it took about a month to get here though, but it came all the way from Beijing i could of swore i read Hong Kong, but oh well, Beijing is like really far away, but ya I have an animal behavior test on Thursday (yay me…) It such a pretty day today, but I’ve been walking around with my parasol out in the sun from each building to building at UTA, i've been getting the weirdist looks lol, here'a a pic of my dress i ordered, i thought i would go with traditional white.


I ordered these boots to but they have yet to show up

so this is my whole pallid white outfit that i have an urge to wear very soon when my boots arrive.

I think i shall go with a fruffy black dress from Metamorphase this month. I’m very excited about Angelic Pretty’s  new stuff it is amazing, I think I shall pop around there soon enough, but what I really want is to get this Metamorphose ensemble I told my mom I wanted it for my birthday which is in December, the winter coat-dress-purse here it is ----->

  I think i would wear a black shirt underneath it rather than a white because it would be more winter like and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So ya thats my rant today about gothic lolita  i think i will post a picture of me in my new outfit.And yesterday evening i pretty much sat through Anceint life correcting my novel, so to u peeps who were paying attention, what exactly was Dr.McMahon lecturing about??? 
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